Highly efficient, environmentally friendly production technology of an affordable lowland peat based biologically active substance. The technology relies on making highly concentrated colloidal solutions from lowland peat and production of plant growth stimulators and soil reclamators on their basis.

We have significantly enhanced and improved the manufacturing technology of humic fertilizers, thus making them more efficient. We extract 60% more useful substances from raw materials than we did according to the previously applied scheme.

The manufacturing process includes the following stages:

  • peat sifting by means of vibrating screen;
  • intensive preliminary hydrodynamic treatment of water;
  • mechanical crushing of peat;
  • ozonation of water-peat suspension;
  • alkaline reagent treatment;
  • cavitation, hydration;
  • run through a vortex hydrodynamic cavitation disperser;
  • homogenization and oxidation of peat in the vacuum reactor of the mixer.

To achieve the best quality of the final product, we use the highest quality raw materials. At the stage of peat selection our specialists visited dozens of peat deposits and checked it not only for the quantitative content of humic and fulvic acids, but also for their biological activity. The water used in production undergoes a deep purification with the use of reverse osmosis unit and ozone treatment.

The technology of fertilizer production involves using advanced equipment according to recent research. When manufacturing humic fertilizers, we use the effect of cavitation, ozonation, high vacuum, while maintaining a low temperature throughout the entire production cycle.

The manufacturing of fertilizers includes double quality control:

  • Input control of raw materials and product control are carried out by a specialized laboratory of the manufacturing plant;
  • Repeated analysis of the quality of finished products;
  • New products are developed at the laboratory of the Soil Science Department of Lomonosov Moscow State University.

Thus, the company additionally controls the perfect compliance with technical process and formulation.