About Us

Scientific and Production Center Ecobiosphere LLC is an enterprise that implements scientific projects in the manufacture of fertilizers and environmental protection products. All our products are based on humic and fulvic acids.. The primary advantages of our company are innovativeness and environmental friendliness. Numerous practical tests performed in different regions of Russia have confirmed the high efficiency of fertilizers for various types of plants.

Humic fertilizers made by our company are the result of a complex of laboratory and field tests, high production requirements and responsibility for the outcome.

Development and testing:

  • Development and testing of our fertilizers is performed on the basis of our own research laboratory in a symbiotic relationship with authoritative scientific organizations (Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russian State Agrarian University - Moscow Timiryazev Agricultural Academy, Kaluga Agricultural Research Institute, branch of Federal State Budgetary Scientific Institution A.G. Lorch Russian Potato Research Center).
  • Agriculturists studied the fertilizers efficiency in the real world using research sites and their own farms (Kaluzhskaya Ekoniva LLC, Agrofirma Meshchovskaya LLC, Meshkovskoye LLC, Zvyaginki JSC).
Wide range of applications Unique raw material Flexible terms of cooperation
Products in our range can be used both in agriculture and for environmental protection. Fertilizers are used for integrated treatment of plants: from pre-sowing treatment to vegetation. Environmental protection products are meant to accelerate composting, as well as processing of any other human waste products. Our plant uses unique lowland peat. It contains the highest concentration of mature humic substances with the greatest biological activity accumulated over thousands of years. In addition, we have installed a multi-stage water treatment system and its quality allows us to ensure the highest quality of finished products. We are ready to provide flexible terms of cooperation to all interested enterprises. Besides, it is possible to grant a manufacturing license as well as to cooperate in terms of a contract.