How effective are the Ecobiophere products in unfavorable climatic conditions?

The complex demonstrates good results as a highly effective adaptation measure for plants to conditions of a drought and strong heat (45-50 degrees). Its use neither compensates for deficiency of the natural resource - water, nor saves from temperature surplus. But it does have an antistress impact on plants, smoothing possible losses of efficiency. In terms of thermal - and photolabilities the climatic mode does not affect chemical and biological properties of the complex.

What is the tank mixture storage period?

The property characteristic of all humic fertilizers is tendency to development of bacteria and fungi because of a nutrient medium. Speaking in other words, tendency to fermentation. Therefore, in the form of ready mix of 0.02-0.03% concentration it is recommended to store it for no more than 48 hours at a temperature of +20 degrees.

Saturated humic solutions (up to 12%) are capable to sustain long storage. One ought to be dissolved to working concentration just before using. As a part of tank mixture the Ecobiophere may be used together with any set of mineral fertilizers and means of plants protection. Because of a complete lack of sediment the remedy is equally suitable for use both in drop watering and in average- and small-volume spraying systems.

What is the fertilizer consumption rate?

The consumption rate depends on the crop type, soil, and chosen technology. The Ecobiosphere is to be applied to all species of crops: grain, technical sorts, fruits and berries, vegetables. We recommend to be guided by the following norms:

  • pre-seeding processing - 1 liter of the fertilizer per 1 ton of seeds;
  • plants at vegetation stage – similarly;
  • drop watering – standard concentration for protected soil according to the schedule of watering.

The Ecobiophere should be dissolved in water before adding to the tank mixture of water or fertilizers, at a pH not higher than 5.5. The complex can be used as an independent tool for increase in products productivity and quality, as well as in a combination with other agrochemicals and mineral fertilizers.

What is the gain of seed dressing for winter crops?

Pre-sowing seed treatment is a guarantee of receiving a good harvest. Fungus and bacterial diseases are transferred by tiniest spores which fix on surface of seeds. With no access to water, in seeds storage period these spores are at rest. But right after sowing the causative agents of diseases begin to develop actively. As a measure of protection at a stage of pre-sowing preparation one should use various treatments, biologically active drugs and also complexes that stimulate intensive plant development.

However, such processing inevitably causes a severe chemical stress of the plants. Some studies show that the Ecobiophere enhances field viability and winter grain germination energy while increasing quality of processing by means of plant protection because of its anti-stress and adhesive properties. Use of pesticides and fertilizers with the Ecobiophere shows good results even in case of poor and average quality seeds. The yield increase can be as high as 9 to 15 centners per hectare, while the gluten level in cereals is increased to a value of 7-8 per cent.

Colza is a crop that’s very sensitive to wintering. Hard climatic conditions may destroy crops completely. Our remedy promotes general level of sugar increase in the root neck. Field tests show that the complex reduces colza death in the winter from 18% to 1% and also increases productivity by 30%.

What are the ways to use?

The fertilizer is used at all stages of vegetation as a comprehensive multipurpose means for:

  • seeds and planting material treatment;
  • drop watering in greenhouses and on open ground;
  • for adding to tank mixtures for foliar spraying is most effective.

The fertilizer is fully dissolvable and does not form up any sediment, that allows to apply it without risk of nozzles clogging even without pre-filtration. All powdery substances require preliminary dilution in water in the proportions specified for each of them, while the concentrated liquid products can be added to the tank mixture right before watering.

What makes the Ecobiophere different from classic potassium humates?

The Ecobiosphere is one of the most effective humic remedies. Unlike the majority of coal and peat humates it contains a complex of fulvic acids and also microelements in a chelated form. It provides fast comprehensibility and an increased biological activity of impact on cereal and vegetable crops.

The complex provides stimulating and anti-stress effects, therefore, various grades of the fertilizer are used as a part of tank mixtures for seed and planting material treatment, soil restoration and reducing harmful effects of pesticides on soil.

How is the Ecobiophere is useful to plants?

Potassium products contain salts of low-molecular components and useful mineral substances. Humates play a role of a buffer zone in soil, detaining in themselves and transferring to crops, if needed, the necessary amount of acids and salts. They strengthen the resilience to diseases and also make the following impacts:

  • aeration of soils improvement;
  • activation of microflora;
  • ion exchange normalizing;
  • increase in moisture capacity and water permeability.

The Ecobiosphere stimulates increase in ground part of plant mass, growth of productivity and optimization of qualitative characteristics of agricultural products. It improves physical and chemical indicators of soil, makes them more attractive in terms of agronomical value, eliminates results of the wrong processing and excessive exhaustion. The soil becomes more friable, steady and cohesive. Besides, there is neutralization of radionuclides and heavy metals toxic influence.