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Nowadays there is a need for an effective, eco-friendly additive that improves poultry nutrients digestion and egg production. The Ecobiophere feed supplement meets that demand, offering growth-promoting and body’s defenses effects.

Use of the feed supplement leads to improvement of egg production qualities and resistance of broilers which is manifested in a high survival rate of poultry population, average daily egg production and weight increase.

Adding the supplement to a regular diet promotes nutrients digestibility improvement.

Results of a mandatory experiment revealed that the test group of broilers in comparison with the control one has:

  • survival rate of poultry – 18% higher;
  • average daily weight gain – 9% higher;
  • additional gross weight – 8.8% higher;
  • culling rate – 9% lower;
  • average slaughter weight – 8% higher;
  • feed consumption per 1 kg of weight gain – 12% lower.

The studies also show that chickens of the test group have better immunity. One of important effects of humic acids is a poultry’s ability to remove harmful substances, in particular, lead, effectively reducing its level in the body.

Our supplement not just improves quality of meat, but also increases qualitative and quantitative indicators of laying hens. Adding humic acids to the feed leads to improvement of birdseed comprehensibility, increasing number and quality of eggs. The humic substances also boost immunity and improve physical condition of the livestock. They stimulate the cardiovascular system and digestion process that improves metabolism.

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